Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the periodicity of the Journal?
The Journal is published in a TRIANNUAL regimen (three issues per year, in MARCH, JULY, and NOVEMBER)

2) Does the Journal have a template for submissions? Is it mandatory?
Yes, the Journal has a template (click here) which is mandatory. In case the authors do not have time or proper conditions to execute the formatting of the manuscript using the template of the journal, we have a team that can provide all the adaptation to the template of the Journal. However, this is an optional service and a fee will be charged on top of the Article Processing Charges for publication. Please, select this option with a cross in the appropriate box in the cover letter in case you want the journal to provide this service.

3) How do I submit a paper?
After ensuring you have followed all applicable guidelines to your manuscript, you should send the manuscript file (template file, Microsoft word format - .DOC) along with the cover letter file (editable PDF) to journal.tq@gmail.com. The only way to submit a paper is by the Journal's e-mail (journal.tq@gmail.com)

4) How long does it take for the review process?
The review process may take up to 90 days from the date of receiving the paper, in some cases this period may be extended.

5) Are there any Article Processing Charges - APC - (publication fees) applicable?
Publishing involves costs. Subscription journals recover publication costs by charging a fee to access the content. Since this Journal is under an Open Access policy and its content is available without restrictions, costs are paid through article processing fees, also known by the English acronym APCs (Article Processing Charges). APCs are charged after acceptance (after the complete peer-review process) of the article and before publication. Please review the Article Processing Charges.

6) What does an APC cover?
In addition to permanent, immediate, and worldwide access to the full text of the article, APC covers:

7) Who is responsible for paying APCs?
Although the authors are responsible for making or providing payment for the APCs, in some cases they can count on financial support from their institutions and funders.

8) Where is the Journal indexed?
The Journal is Indexed CAS, EBSCO, Index Copernicus, EJL, Reaxys, Qualis, Latindex, Web of Science (ESCI), OAJI.net, CAB Abstracts, ROAD, EuroPub, and Sumários.

9) Does the Journal provide the DOI number?
Starting from the July/2021 issue, the Journal will provide the DOI to all published papers on its pages.

10) What is the Scope of the Journal?
Periódico Tchê Química invites submissions relating to:

11) Do I need to pay to get access to any of the published papers?
No. You can download any paper you want free of charge. This is an Open Acess free of cost or other access barriers Journal.

12) I have submitted a paper to the Journal's e-mail (journal.tq@gmail.com) and have not received any feedback from the editors. What should I do?
In case your e-mail with the submission was not replied to within one week (7 days), please try again and/or contact the editors by phone, WhatsApp, or telegram message. It may happen for many reasons the e-mail does not arrive in the Journal's inbox e-mail.

13) I would like to join the Editorial board or contribute as a reviewer of the Journal. How do I do?
Periódico Tchê Química is continuously accepting applications from senior scientists to join our Editorial Board or contribute with your knowledge as a reviewer.
To join us either as an editorial board member or reviewer, apart from holding a Ph.D. degree and have a publication track record, you have to have at least three (3) papers submitted and approved after peer-reviewing to this Journal. Also, you have to send a copy of your CV in which the Editorial Board can confirm your background and publication track record
After having submitted and approved three (3) papers to this Journal we will be able to move forward with your application to the other members of the Journal to vote. After voting, your application may be accepted or declined.

14) Can charges be waived if I lack funds?
No. Once Periódico Tchê Química provides different options to get discounts and free publication, there is no policy applicable to waive the Article Processing Charges. The authors must apply to any of the discounts or free publications option to pay less or get free publication. All the options are available in the COVER LETTER or in the ARTICLE PROCESSING CHARGES section.

15) I am from a low-income country, do I have to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC)?
Yes. Please check the Article Processing Charges section

16) Is there a refund policy for the Article Processing Charges (APCs)?
No. The Article Processing Charges are non-refundable at any circumnstance.