Periódico Tchê Química is a self supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the management of the Journals is solely financed by the Article Processing Charges (APCs) received from authors. The manuscript APCs are required to meet operations expenses such as:

Editorial work:

Since this Journal is under an Open Access policy and its content is available without restrictions, costs are paid through Article Processing Charges. APCs are charged after acceptance (after the complete double-blind peer-review process) of the article and before publication. IMPORTANT: The Article Processing Charges will be charged IF, AND ONLY IF, THE ARTICLE IS ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION. THERE ARE NO SUBMISSION CHARGES. The authors will only pay the APCs in case their papers get accepted for publication. Once full payment has been made (PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Western Union Services), the paper will be published in the first possible issue (It does not mean it will be in the first subsequent issue).

*Brazilian authors, R$ 600.
*Other countries income groups:
High income and nuclear-capable countries (Israel, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, China, France, United States, Russia, North Korea) - USD 300
Upper middle income USD 250
Lower middle income USD 120
Lower middle income (Heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC)) USD 100
Low income USD 100
Low income (Heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC)) USD 80

(*) Classification according to the World Bank list of economies (June 2020)

2. Additional fees of publication
a) Proofreading and/or plagiarism

If the submitted manuscript has more than 100 grammatical errors or plagiarism greater than 5%, a fee of USD 200 will be charged. This fee does not guarantee publication of the manuscript and is non-refundable.

b) Changing PDF pre-printing files

After the final verification of the manuscript and the generation of the PDF pre-print file, a fee of USD 100 will be charged to authors who wish to make any changes. For each new change, the fee is charged again.

c) Acceptance Letter for article publication

The acceptance letter is an optional service of the Journal. If the authors need a document to prove that their article has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, they may request, upon payment of a fee of USD 40, an acceptance letter for publication of the article.

NOTE 1: THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE may be issued if, and only if, the article has undergone a complete peer-review and is considered ACCEPTED for publication. Letters will NOT be issued for newly sent articles that have not yet been appropriately evaluated and peer-reviewed.

NOTE 2: The Journal does not agree with the trade-in documents that can attest to the publication of articles that have not gone through the due process of peer-review and are legitimately considered approved for publication in the subsequent edition.

NOTE 3: THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE may be revoked at any time if, concerns about the manuscript emerge.

d) Formatting the manuscript according to the template of the Journal

The use of the template is mandatory. All authors must submit their papers according to the official model of the Journal available at (Downloads >> Templates and Instructions). In case the authors do not have time or proper conditions to execute the formatting of the manuscript, we can provide all the adaptation to the template of the Journal. However, this is an optional service, and a fee of USD 80 will be charged on top of the Article Processing Charges.

If there is no need, additional fees are not charged.

3. Discounts
a) 50% discount for authors who support other journals from the team (Southern Brazilian Journal of Chemistry - this is a 100% free journal), with 1 manuscript approved for publication;

b) 100% discount for authors who support other journals from the team (Southern Brazilian Journal of Chemistry - this is a 100% free journal), with 2 manuscripts approved for publication;

c)Author feedback and improvement program. Get up to 10% off to provide us with your comments about the journal services. Please DOWNLOAD HERE the author feedback and improvement form. After filling in this file, please send it to (Last revision of the rule: 11th of January 2021);

4. Free publication
a) Young scientists that are publishing the first manuscript of their career. Requirements: Copy of the curriculum without publications; maximum of 2 authors; one manuscript previously accepted in the Southern Brazilian Journal of Chemistry (the manuscript may be from the author or from colleagues, provided that the extra purpose of the collaboration is notified at the time of submission), or two manuscripts previously accepted in the Journal of Law, Public Policies, and Human Sciences (manuscripts may be from the author or from colleagues, provided that the extra purpose of the collaboration is notified at the time of submission). (Last revision of the rule: 15th of October 2020);

b) All personal related to the production of the journals, from Brazil and abroad;

c) Longtime collaborators. Authors who have published four (4) articles with us during the first decade of the journal will be rewarded with one (1) free publication. After that, this cycle starts again, that is, for every five (5) articles published, one will be free of publication fees. Thank you for choosing and trusting the Journal to publish your research.

d) Paper considered by the Editors of high quality, priority, and relevance for the development of the society shall pay no fees. Note that this condition is a small recognition prize, not something that you may request. Thank you for your comprehension.

Thank you very much for choosing Tche Quimica Journal to publish your paper! We would be happy if you consider the Journal to submit any further paper in the near future.