CHARGES, FEES, and DONATIONS. Relations with the publication flow.

Publication work flow

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Periódico Tchê Química is a self supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the management of the Journals is solely financed by the donations received from authors. The donations are used to meet operations expenses such as:

Editorial work:

1. Supporting the publication:

Commencing in August 2023, Periódico Tchê Química embarks on a transformative journey by adopting the Platinum Open Access model. This strategic shift exemplifies our unwavering dedication to unhindered knowledge dissemination and accessibility. With this progressive approach, Periódico Tchê Química ensures that its extensive spectrum of scientific contributions becomes freely accessible to a global readership, eliminating any subscription barriers.

This paradigm shift in our publication approach brings about a substantial change in our billing structure. Effective August 2023, Periódico Tchê Química proudly announces the elimination of Article Processing Charges (APCs). This momentous decision is driven by our commitment to fortify the diffusion of research without imposing financial constraints on authors or their affiliations. By waiving APCs, Periódico Tchê Química underscores its resolve to furnish an equitable platform, inviting researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts to actively engage and collaborate in a dynamic milieu of scientific exploration.

Rest assured, our stringent double-blind peer-review process remains intact, meticulously upholding the eminence and integrity of our publications. Through this trailblazing transition to Platinum Open Access and the abolition of APCs, Periódico Tchê Química solidifies its stature as a vanguard, championing worldwide scientific involvement. We are resolute in our mission to guarantee that groundbreaking research finds its way to every corner of the globe, nurturing the free exchange of ideas that propels the scientific community forward.

The Periódico Tchê Química operates by a simple and transparent funding model it relies on donations and optional services that it provides. If you want to donate to the Journal, please make it clear in your cover letter, and we will provide you with the means to do so, normally through PayPal.

2. Optional publication fees
a) Acceptance Letter for article publication

The acceptance letter is an optional service of the Journal. If the authors need a document to prove that their article has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, they may request, upon payment of a fee of USD 250, an acceptance letter for publication of the article.

NOTE 1: THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE may be issued if, and only if, the article has undergone a complete peer-review and is considered ACCEPTED for publication. Letters will NOT be issued for newly sent articles that have not yet been appropriately evaluated and peer-reviewed.

NOTE 2: The Journal does not agree with the trade-in documents that can attest to the publication of articles that have not gone through the due process of peer-review and are legitimately considered approved for publication in the subsequent edition.

NOTE 3: THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE may be revoked at any time if, concerns about the manuscript emerge.

If there is no need, additional fees are not charged.