Information for Peer Reviewers

Peer reviews are extremely important to the editorial process and quality of the journal. A well-done review is also important to guide authors in revising their work.

In case you have any conflicts of interest in reviewing this manuscript, please contact any of the editors-in-chief of the Journal. The manuscript will be assigned to another reviewer.

Conflicts of interest may include:

The tone of the Review.


PLEASE NOTE: All submitted reviews are confidential and are the property of PERIÓDICO TCHÊ QUÍMICA and may not be submitted for dissemination or publication elsewhere.
Manuscripts should be treated as confidential material. If you want to solicit the expertise of another colleague to review it, please contact any of the editors-in-chief before doing so. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your review narrative for three months.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the editors-in-chief.
All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by at least two independent referees. The evaluation is based on the form indicated above. The review sheets will be sent to the author(s) anonymously.

Revised manuscripts

Manuscripts returned to authors for revision should be sent back to the editors within three months. The revised manuscript should be submitted to the same e-mail address by the author who originally submitted the article. The author should also answer the referees' comments, detailing changes made in the new version and, in case some of the referees' suggestions were not accepted, justifying the reason for this. After the submission has been checked by the editors, another e-mail will be sent with the final comments and suitable information.

Final version

As soon as all questions about referees' comments and the revision itself are solved, the editors will notify the author if the article was accepted or refused through an e-mail message. The editors of Periódico Tchê Química reserve the right to make small changes to the manuscript, if necessary, to adjust them to the rules of the Journal or improve the style, respecting naturally the content of the article. Whatever the nature of the manuscript, it should be original in terms of methodology, information, interpretation, or critique. Two referees will attest to the quality of the article.