Templates and instructions

Please, DOWNLOAD HERE the files (TEMPLATE AND COVER LETTER) required to perform the submission process of the manuscript. Alternatively, you can CLICK ON THE FILES BELOW to DOWNLOAD the files.

You will be downloading a compressed file in which there will be two PDFs files (FEES FOR AUTHORS and PLANING) as well as two folders with the appropriate TEMPLATE AND COVER LETTER based on the language of your choice (PORTUGUESE / ENGLISH)

Please, fill in the Cover Letter (editable PDF) and submit it along with the manuscript file (.DOC) in one single e-mail to journal.tq@gmail.com. All further correspondence regarding the submission must be made as a reply to the original message.

Support information video.

Please download the files before editing them.

Cover letter PDF File:

Original research manuscript template file:

Review paper template file:

Clinical case template file (new file, may be subject to updates):

Erratum template file:

Referee form:

Authorship change form:

Contract for multiple submissions: