Submission Guidelines:

Here you will find the most relevant information to submit your manuscript to Periódico Tchê Química.

Instructions to Authors 

After ensuring you have followed all applicable guidelines to your manuscript, you should send the manuscript file (Microsoft word format - .DOC) along with the cover letter file (editable PDF) to
The manuscript submission message to the Journal should be as follow:

Dear Editor-in-chief
Periódico Tchê Química
359/603, Anita Garibaldi Street.
District: Mon't Serrat. Postal Code: 90450-001.
Porto Alegre - RS. Brazil.

Please find enclosed a manuscript entitled: "Title" which I am submitting for consideration for publication in Periódico Tchê Química.

I, [Insert the name of the corresponding author here] (Corresponding author) certify that:
* The manuscript is the original work of all authors.
* All authors made a significant contribution to this study.
* This manuscript has not been submitted for publication and has not been published in any other journal.
* All authors have read and approved the final version of the manuscript.

Thank you for your consideration of my work! Please address all correspondence concerning this manuscript to me and feel free to correspond with me by e-mail (Corresponding author's email address).


[Give here name, contact address, contact phone number, email of the corresponding author. Corresponding author must be one of the authors of the manuscript.]
First Name - Middle Name - Surname
Complete Mailing Address
Postal Code
Contact Phone Number: [Country prefix followed by full phone number]
Contact Email:

[list of all files attached such as manuscript, cover letter, and any other relevant files as supplementary materials, images, appendix]

On submitting an article, a cover letter is requested in the same e-mail message. In this letter, the e-mails of all authors, as well as all information regarding the article like the title, name, and the address of the authors, must be given. In the case of multiple authors, the corresponding author should be indicated. The corresponding author will be notified of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision.


  • ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE MADE THROUGH THE E-MAIL ( of the Journal. This is the only e-mail address applicable to submit a manuscript to this Journal. The Journal does not have or use any other way or electronic system to receive papers;
  • After the editors have checked the submission, an e-mail will be sent with suitable information;
  • The reviewing process starts as soon as the Journal receives the paper and send the author an e-mail confirming the paper and cover letter have been received. The reviewing process may take up to 90 days from the date of receiving the manuscript;
  • After submitting the manuscript, one of the editors will perform a preliminary review to check some essential topics related to the scope of the Journal, formatting, structure, plagiarism, and so on. If the paper is on the scope, and there are no significant issues, the paper can move forward to the next steps (double-blind peer-review);
  • Please, before submitting your paper do not forget to check all relevant information regarding the AIMS and SCOPE and make sure you are submitting to the most suitable journal;
  • Please review the fees and discounts options – Article Processing Charges (APCs);
  • Make sure your manuscript is accurate and readable;
    • Asking a colleague who is a native English speaker to review your manuscript for clarity.
    • Using a professional language editing service where editors will improve the English to ensure that your meaning is clear and identify problems that require your review;
  • Understand the copyright agreement – Copyright;
  • Speed of publication: Periódico Tchê Química DOES NOT OFFER ANY TYPE OF FAST PUBLICATION SCHEDULE. All papers received by our team will have the same treatment and the review process will take the standard processing time (up to 90 from the date of receiving the paper);
  • Check the Ethical guidelines;
  • Plan your publication in the journal. Please, check the publication schedule of the Journal;
  • Please, check the instructions to authors. Avoid making incomplete submissions;


Public agreement for publishing.  

1) The authors declare that the submitted manuscript is their work, which has not been published anywhere else before and that they are not willing to publish it anywhere later;

2) The authors take responsibility for the content of the publication.

3) It is the responsibility of the author to obtain written permission for reproducing illustrations or tables from other published material;

4) The authors and the Journal agree that the Journal publishes the reviewed and accepted manuscript after technical construction in printed and in electronic form;

5) The authors and the Journal agree not to lay any claim to financial demand;

6) The authors can ask for an amendment or errata related to the publication, which will be published in the subsequent edition of the Journal on a maximum of one page. Other additions or remarks to the article after publication will be judged by the editorial board;

7) This agreement for publication will become lawful on the authors' side from submitting the manuscript, on the Journal's side from the announcement of the publication's acceptance. In the case this procedure occurs through electronic channels, this agreement is valid without an additional signed copy.